Question about Tung oil Finish


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Hi. I decided to refinish my Mahogany Warmoth Strat body, and so far it looks alot better. I am using Tung oil finish- the kind you leave on for  10 minutes then wipe dry. Iv'e put a  few coats on, however after  the most recent  coat i put on ;ast night, today  I  have noticed a build up of tung oil - a little globule about and inch and a half in diameter  in one spot ,  where i didnt see clearly enough to wipe it down properly. I'm hopeing I do not have to sand this down.
Can I take some Naptha and try and get that glob off of there? Should i do it before it cures, as in right now? thanks

Patrick from Davis

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Well, you want to wipe it off before it sets.  If the product you use smells like paint, it is not pure tung oil.  If it smells nutty/natural oil it is pure tung oil.  That is very helpful to know to suggest options for you.  Pure tung oil takes a while to dry.  It reacts with air and makes a natural polymer web.  Since it takes a while, you can wipe it down, and scuff up the surface for another coat to put an even top coat on it.  The stuff that smells like paint behaves more like paint.  The solution to the problem is more or less the same though, sand a bit where the build up is with some fine sand paper and reapply.  The naptha might thin is a bit, but if it has cured, I am not sure it will help much.  Same thing as always with finishes, patience is rewarded.