question about rolling fret edges


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do you think using a stewmac radius sanding block is any good for this method ?
if so what's the preffered radius do you think, 7.25"?
actually about the fretboard edge,
i bought a bevel tool for the fret edges, it bevels all the frets at a 35 degree angle
sandpaper in increasingly fine grits and a consistent touch are your best friend for rolling the fretboard edge.

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The 35 degree angle tool will put the bevel on the frets, but they are still, "Sharp."  After that these files from Stew Mac are used to, "Roll," them and make them rounded so that you don't feel the bite of the fret ends.  If you look it up, there is a bit of info on the web, but the Dan Erlewine guitar book will also tell you how.  Those files can be made if you are handy and have the tools to modify a file or two, but if not, it is much easier just to buy one.

Ang3lus said:
in that order ?

will the fretboard get a sprayed finish? if yes, then you can easily stop somewhere in the 200 grit range if you have a light touch

I do most of my fretboard radiusing -before- I press in the frets, so I can use a more aggressive grit on the earlier passes. since this is most likely be done on a W neck that is already fretted, you could start with something in the 120-150 range to take the first 80% off being careful to to scratch up your frets too much (so you can reduce the amount of polishing you'll need to do later

if you're not spraying a finish, I'd take the sanding to at least 600 grit unless you have a heavy hand (a grit or two further if you do)

remember - you can always take off more later, but once you sand the corner too far it's impossible to put more back on

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thanks, I did it,
it's kinda nice now :D
i guess it's good work for a first-timer
it actually looks worn in, hehe.