Question about Recessed TOM...


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A thought just occurred to me about the recessed Tune-O-Matic bridge, w/string thru...  I noticed that in the photos of those bridges, the bridge pickup sits a lot lower.  Now, I have a Schecter with a TOM/string thru, but quite obviously the pickup ring in the bridge position is much higher off the body.  Does the recessed TOM need a deeper bridge pickup rout, or are the bridge pickups on non-recessed TOM's simply raised up?  I'm sure I'll feel like an idiot after I get the answer, but for some reason I don't know for sure.  :doh:

Thanks guys!
The pickup route from Warmoth should be adequate for the recessed TOM.  Some pickups (Rio Grande) are much taller than more standard pickups.  However, W is a Rio Grande dealer, and I'm sure they've taken this into account (it seems so to me, based on my experience with R/G pickup (one) and W bodies.