Proud locking nut - best practise to improve action?


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Hi all.

I've just put together a new superstrat with locking system. Action is a little high near the nut, as a result notes played on the first few frets are pulling sharp ever so slightly when fretted. Most noticeable on the bass strings. I want to try and resolve.

Just wondering what best practise is in this situation:
- do I take a file to the neck seat of the locking nut?
- do I take a file to the back of the locking nut itself?
I would lower the "neck seat". Do it gradually and check and repeat if needed.

If you use a file, make sure it has a safe edge so you don't go into the fingerboard.
I had this issue with the factory nut on my rg3xxv.

I was afraid to ruin the neck, so I ground the bottom of the nut on the side of my grinder wheel.
My reasoning was the nut is easily replaceable, while it would be hard to put back wood on the neck.

But then again, I guess I could always use shims if I went that route.