Obamas firing of the GM exceutives has some people screaming "Fascism"..others saying its "Socialism".  I've even heard that its a move  in idealogy towards "Communism" .  ...Well...???
One of the best ways to get adrenaline flowing is politics, which is why I avoid it. Many members here also don't want there to be any politics.
I've come to agree with the others.  This is a guitar board.  If I want to read politics, I'll go to Politico.com.
I thought we decided, if you don't wanna enter a political discussion, avoid the thread.

It's time to own a firearm,  sadly, the country is headed towards a revolution, those who want everything provided for them vs those that take responsibility for their own actions and life.

Obama didn't start any of it, it's been happening for a long time, it's funny, so many obama supporters are now saying wtf?  when in fact he's doing everything he said he was gonna do, people were just not paying attention. they voted for a full head of hair and a smile
this explains it all.... the current state of government has been planed for centuries... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-594683847743189197
Dude you just posted a 2-hour youtube?

Review of the basic facts of the GM situation: We the taxpayers are major shareholders in GM now that we loaned them huge $$ under Bush. GM is just a few months away from chapter 11. We can either loan them more money, which is basically the same as putting their employees on welfare to build cars noone wants or needs right now, or we can cut them off and let them file ch. 11. First thing to go during a bankruptcy is the CEO, always, because they failed their company. It's S.O.P., it's called accountability. Run a company into the ground, get the boot. Supposedly, that's the American way and that's how capitalism is supposed to work.

There are only really two options: throw good money after bad, or clean house and suck it up - in which case we'll end up with hundreds of thousands of out of work people on other kinds of government assistance, with zero prospects of finding another job for which they are qualified. Which course of action is the 'socialist' or 'fascist' and therefore wrong one? The 'opposition' to Obama right now is perfectly happy to throw out labels like 'fascist' or whatever without really explaining what their alternative choices are. No matter what he does or doesn't do in GM's case, he'll get called a 'socialist' or whatever. How differently do you think any of this would have gone down under McCain or any of the republicans, seriously?

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I know it is 2 hours, but it is worth the watch if you have time. :)

I agree with you on your questions and statements!

words like socialism and fascism are just deterrents to the mass totalitarianism that is at the sub level of all of this. In my opinion, this "financial crisis" looks like a planned collapse to cause the fall of the American dollar. Obama does seem to be attacking this situation from the point of views that caused me to vote for him. With that said, there are bigger entities in the global governmental position that the white house. Will there be an end to it? probably not as long as the we have a Central Bank (federal reserve). The history of the Central Bank is extremely scary! People must remember that the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE bank that is in control of the flow of Public currency.
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mindology said:
words like socialism and fascism are just deterrents to the mass totalitarianism that is at the sub level of all of this.

This might be the dumbest thing anyone has ever said on this forum, which is really kind of impressive.  Kudos.  I'm off this topic as well, bye
Obama shouldn't have the authority to do such a thing.  Whether the guy should or should not have stepped down is irrelevant.  It is not the government's decision to make.  They chose to hand out money like a drunken sailor at a whore house and now they want to have some say in everything.  That isn't and should never be their provenance.  And, no, I did not agree with it under Bush either.  When they announced they were going to buy stock rather than do what they originally promised, I became highly concerned.  These guys can't get their own jobs right and they think they are going to succeed with the banking and auto industries?  Not likely.  You want to watch this turn into the greatest clusterf*** of all time than cheer them on and then you can watch them hold on to that power when it is no longer necessary.  This administration is disturbing to say the least.  The fact is that it sucks regardless.  No money should have been given in the first damned place.  None.  If GM, Chrysler, AIG, etc went belly up as a result then that is the cost of their poor business decisions.  Ultimately the business is still there.  Someone would step in and take their market share and ultimately have to expand as a result.  That is how it should have worked.  Instead the Big O stepped in and has made sure that it will be a much longer and ultimately more painful road back.  There needs to be a complete cleaning house in Congress.  There are very few that I feel should remain and the includes Republicans.  Why this increase in central government isn't of more concern to people in this country is beyond me.  Hell, these guys made moves that were in direct contrast of their goals for AIG to succeed. 
Lucky #007 said:
No money should have been given in the first damned place.  None.  If GM, Chrysler, AIG, etc went belly up as a result then that is the cost of their poor business decisions. 

This has been my gut feeling from the start. I have little sympathy for the oil guzzling stupidity that is the auto industry in general (obviously workers losing their jobs is not a good thing). Anyway, I don't know much about US politics so I'll stay out of this thread too...
The auto industry is one of the few where the workers themselves share a large portion of the blame for the failure of the company.  The United Auto-Workers (their union) managed to force their way into obscene salaries for what they do.  The companies shouldn't have caved, but they did and, combined with their lack of foresight to move away from the SUVs and large trucks, contributed to their complete lack of profitability.  This crisis is being used as a reason to drastically increase the size and strength of our central government which is unquestionably in direct conflict with the principles on which the United States of America were founded.