Pickup query for my 5 string P-bass...


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Well, I ordered a Deluxe V P bass body off Warmoth's Showcase and had it routed for v/t/jack and a single standard P-style pickup.  I'm waiting to get a neck, and I'm pretty sure I want goncalo alves/pau ferro with a 5 inline headstock.

My next mission is what to get for the pickup.  Obviously not all standard P-bass pickups are ideal for a 5 string bass.  I'm thinking either the Bill Lawrence P-46 or the new Lace Alumitone P pickup.  Does anyone have any experience with these (I know the Alumitone is brand new) or any other pickups to recommend?
you may also want to consider a NP-5 set from Nordstrand. I know a guy who just might have a couple sets of these new-in-box ;)

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