72th p-bass in vintage tint


Hi there. I'm glad to introduce my personal wall-crusher.
It’s Warmoth ‘72 p bass. Wooden parts are swamp ash body, and quartersawn maple/pao ferro j-bass neck. For this bass I used Schaller tuners from Warmoth, Wilkinson bridge with brass saddles from aliexpress, passive circuit via 250k cts pots (vol-vol), hipshot 3-string retainer, and custom split p and split j pickups from russian pickup-maker Fokin.
This p-bass was my second Warmoth build, neck and body were custom ordered and painted in vintage tint gloss by Warmoth.
This build was partially inspired by Leo Lyon’s p-bass, but I planned it long before I saw Leo’s Warmoth.
Before building this bass I bought the cheapest j-bass body and neck in “screaming deals” section and built training project – really nice jazz bass in Olympic White with similar specs.
I really love Warmoth and I hope to build once five string versions of my J and P.
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