Peavey Valveking 112


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As my bands practice room is about as dingy as it comes and security isn't exactly great I needed a cheap but loud amp to mess about with. At the local guitar shop I picked up a Peavey Valveking 50W all valve combo for £200 and I must say I'm staggered at the sound I'm getting. Its proper valve tone, I mean valve as in you don't even need the gain channel, you can cut the power down to 30W, play all clean, turn it up a bit and be amazed.

Not sure on prices over in the US but here in old Blighty £200 doesn't normally get you a Fender Princeton 112 practice amp. Its staggering value for money and I may even think about gigging it at the rougher venues I tend to play these days. The sounds that good, I'd even say I prefer it to my friends Fender Deville, its certainly more controllable (ie. the volume doesn't fry your brain above "3" and the reverb is controllable rather than on/off which is basically what you get with the fender).

I'm well chuffed with my valveking and urge people to try one with an open mind. 

I recommend Peavey to people all the time without hesitation. Seriously, I don't know what you would have to do to one to break one, they're virtually indestructable. Back in the age of extreme volume (the 70's) I had a Musician 400 with an 8X10 cab. Not the greatest sounding amp by any stretch, but it's probably still soldiering on in a bar somewhere.
I've been gigging with a Peavey Classic 30 for a decade or so now. My Marshall 50w combo & Mesa/Boogie stay in a safe place, they're more expensive to maintain & don't sound one bit better to my ears.
peavey is where it's at. I've never been a fan or marshall, except for their cabinets. You really can't go wrong with peavey.
I got a great deal on a brand New Valveking 112 on Ebay for a buy it now price of 375.00 US.  I agree with everyone here it is an awesome amp.  I never use the overdrive channel.  I simply use the a/ab knob and lower the power and crank the volume - and it has more volume than I canuse for the places where I play. I highly recommend this amp.  The price is low because it is made in China - but so what - everything is made in China these days.  All the R&D and engineering is done in the great delta state of Mississippi.  Doesn't get better for the price.
I'm a great Peavey fan too. My first amp was a 112 Express 65 watts of solid state. I now play through a Classic 50 410. This is an outstanding amp - it has the looks of a Fender tweed but sounds much better. I owned a Fender Deluxe for a few days but was very disappointed with the sound particularly the reverb and took it back to the shop and swapped it for the Classic 50.