Pair of Dinky J's


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Here's a couple Dinky J's I've built:

On the left is my personal 4-banger:

Body: Swamp Ash, both top- and rear-routed.  This body was an oddball Showcase leftover and has a hand-routed Dimarzio Model One pickup rout under the pickguard.  We had a leftover pickup that was supposed to go with the body, but somebody bought the pickup by itself, leaving this body an orphan.  I salvaged it by having a J neck rout added and designing a top rout for the plate and designing a pickguard.  This became the model for the Dinky J pickguard Warmoth offers today.  I finished the body in Petri Gel Polyurethane.
Neck:  Wenge with Ebony fingerboard and cream dots, stainless steel 6105 fretwire.  This neck is also a salvaged wreck, having been routed 1/2" off-center when our regular CNC operator was on vacation.  The neck shop made cosmetic repairs, but the tuner holes and truss rod slot were still off.  I doweled and re-drilled the peghead for 1/2"-post Hipshot ultralites, and the asymmetrical truss rod is a happy accident in that it just causes the bass side to have a bit more relief, which I prefer anyways.
Bridge: Schaller 2000
Pickups:  Aero Type I's, wired in parallel straight to the output jack.  The rubber grip knobs are stuck on pots to make the control plate look right, but they're not hooked up to anything.

On the right is the bass we built at Hipshot's request for the Bass Player Magazine review of the Hipshot Bass Tremolo.

Body:  Alder with contoured heel and double battery box, quilt maple top, and honey burst finish.
Neck:  Maple with pau ferro fingerboard, 6105 stainless steel frets, custom peghead shape (later to become the "Warmoth Straight" bass head), and cloverleaf Hipshot Ultralite tuners.
Pickups:  Seymour Duncan SPB-1 and Classic Stack Jazz Bridge pickups.
Electronics: Aguilar OBP-3 3-band preamp @ 18 volts.

Unfortunately, Bass Player received two basses from Hipshot, and chose to feature a Peavey in the pictures instead of this bass.  Oh well.  We later found out that Hipshot took this bass to the NAMM show that year, because  I saw a picture in a magazine of somebody showing it to Billy Sheehan at the Hipshot booth.

Those cream on ebony dots look awesome, and I love the honeyburst, classy but tough looking.......nice pair!  :icon_smile: 
Bass with a whammy......Cool!!!!!!!!  love to hear that..........
Whoah, I didn't notice the vibrato bar on the one at first.  :icon_thumright:
The Editor said:
Thats what I wanted, both rear and top routing but was told it wasn't possibly.
Yes you can spec that though it does make the body a one way trip. Perhaps the rep didn't understand the request exactly.
Both are sweet...I love the one on the left...but that's just me.Nice work :icon_thumright:

Cheers :eek:ccasion14: