Ovation Breadwinner Body Style

Oh no!!!
Well, they would do it as a custom project... But it's damn ugly:
Yeah, that thing is pretty ugly. Why not a musiclander, it's kind of similar?
I'd like to see Gretsch designs too at some point. Also, carved-top strats and teles. And a 7/8 strat that'll work with normal necks. And archtops. Oh, and.....
That's not a breadwinner, it's a deacon limited.  Agreed deacon aint great.  Breadwinner is.  I'll look for a pic.
It's a cool guitar with an interesting history.


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Breadwinner would be good replacement for the guitar body recently eliminated.
That's the exact same body style as the one you didn't like! Dude, I think those are damn ugly. Just one man's opinion.
I wouldn't go for it either. Unless Warmoth would have a headless option and would get affordable TransTrems in :) !
tfarny, Dude, look closer, or is this casting pearls before swine?

Guys, do a little research, it really is an interesting guitar, don't be so negative, give it some time.
Klein stole the idea from Ovation.
Geez, you guys are so quick to sh@t on things.
Rick said:
Klein stole the idea from Ovation.
Geez, you guys are so quick to sh@t on things.

Sorry, no, I was absolutely aware of that and meant it rather positive. Always found the shape quite interesting actually. Just probably wouldn't buy it but didn't mean it's rubbish or anything. Like I said in my other post...it would look even cooler headless :) !

you have an ally here. I love Ovation guitars and own one myself.

check out this Ovation tribute site!


here is a pic of Brian May playing a Pacemaker 12 string just like mine




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Okay, Rick, I gave it another look..... :eek: :tard: ???yep, that's the ugliest guitar I've seen in a long time.  :laughing3: :laughing11:

Looks like they got the body shape idea from a ketchup stain on somebody's jeans.  I'd say, that body style with 5A quilted maple and a 'dragon burst' (yellow-green burst) would probably be the single pig-ugliest Warmoth guitar I could imagine.

Ovations are great guitars that don't get enough respect - I used to own a balladeer special and it had a great, great neck, sounded great plugged in too. But an ugly headstock.

But, one word of advice: pay NO attention to the opinions of anonymous strangers on the internet. They could be just yanking yer chain for fun.  :guitarplayer2:
well, taste is a really odd thing... but seens that everybody agree that you've a bad taste with this guitar!  :laughing3:

And the guitar I showed is IN the link you put here... in was in the Breadwinner fans website... So, to me, must be this bread  :dontknow:
i'm very un impressed by ovation, they are known for there acustics but i've yet to play one i liked. and that thing is ugly,
i'm also with tfarny on the dragon burst, i hate green on guitars. period.
Well whether you love them or hate them, the breadwinner didn't win much bread for Ovation, and I don't think it would walk out the door from Warmoth either. But the suggestion box was put on the board to find out what customers want.
I want a green Ford Edsel, with an  8 track cartridge player hung under the dash. Throw in a beta VCR and you got me!  :icon_jokercolor:

Now who's gonna start an "off topic" thread with the ugliest guitars ever? Some of those arse-about Gibsons we've been talking about recently would have to be starters for a gong eh?