opinions on the ZR trem system......


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ok i surely can't be the only Ibanez freak here so what's everyones opinion of the ZR trem system.  it seems like a brilliant concept and design, but it does have a nice bit of naysayers out there.  i haven't used one yet since just about every major retailer takes off the trem arm and renders the thing immobile somehow so i wanna know what the rest of you think.  And does it seem that some of us hoshino heads are starting to shun new ideas like many of the die-hard fender and gibson guys tend to do???  ...sad day for us all... :sad:
I have one on my S20 and it's awesome. It stays in tune perfectly and it feels great. I don't really understand how the string tension adjustment on the back works, but I've read you can turn it to a full floating tremolo which I would like to try for a change.
yeah from what i've read it seems that it basically has a tremol-no of sorts built into the system.  it can convert to a hardtail mode as well, right?  it's been a while since i looked it up so i'm not sure now....
I don't know about converting to a hard tail or locking in place. I bought mine used with no manual for the ZR trem. I did download the manual from the Ibanez website, but I haven't looked at it in a while.