July 2014 Guitar of the Month Contest Submissions


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We are now announcing the July, 2014 Guitar of the Month contest!  July's contest will be "Warmoth/professionally finished" and requires at least a Warmoth neck or body to qualify.

Please read the GOM rules, which have been refined, with some slight changes, and are posted in a sticky in this forum area.

Submissions must be sent, to uwfgom@gmail.com, and contain two images no greater than 1024x768, along with your description and details of the instrument.  Send your submission in plain text email.  Your photos must be attachments to the email.  Your unOfficialWarmoth Forum user name must be included in the body of the email.

In turn, your images will posted to this message, which is July's submission thread.

Submissions will be accepted from now until July 11th, so get your cameras clicking!

As usual, discussion about the submissions can take place below.

It seems to be the majority view that additional photos should not be posted in this thread - wherever/however they're hosted. The official rules have not been updated as of yet so nobody will be disqualified for posting pictures; they'll just be subjected to the shaking of heads and tutting.

Links to other UW threads or external sites are fine.

Good luck, and may the best guitar/bass win!

Guitar #1 by JoshHPMusic

Body: Warmoth Stratocaster
-Chambered mahogany core - Trans Blue rear finish
-Flame maple top - Unique choice #LT1437 - Blue dye finish
-Swimming pool/bathtub pickup rout (P90s) (Fully copper shielded)
-Recessed Wilkinson VS100 trem, floating
-Contoured heel w/ "Custom, limited edition, 001" awesome neck plate
-Battery box (Not currently in use)
-Tremol-no system installed, cut-out in vintage 6-hole B/W/B trem cover

-B/W/B Strat pickguard - 3 P90 routs, DeLonge volume pos. (Copper shielded)
-3 Custom-wound Roadhouse P90's (Neck is a P80) (Middle is RWRP)
-500k tone pots, Roadhouse capacitor
-Push-push volume pot - Activates neck pickup with whatever else is activated
-Standard 5 way switch
-Gibson Top Hat/Metal Insert knobs w/ knob pointers
-Switchcraft output jack w/ chrome Strat output jack plate

Neck: 9.5"-12" Compound Radius Strat neck - Mighty Mite w/...
-Full MIRROR SHINE fret job!
-Hard rock maple, w/ Rosewood fretboard
-Medium jumbo frets, compound radius
-Custom tinted satin Nitrocellulose finish on rear
-Black gloss Nitrocellulose finish on Headstock face
-Satin silver "Fender Stratocaster" decal on headstock face
-GraphTech TUSQ XL nut
-Sperzel satin silver Staggered Locking tuners
-NO string trees!



Guitar #2 by ATAN2

Warmoth VIP hollow body
Unique choice dual-laminate mahogany top
Walnut body
Black to clear burst finish
Ivoroid binding
Bare Knuckles Manhattan HSP90 pickups

Warhead neck
Baritone 28-5/8" scale
Pau Ferro with Macassar Ebony fretboard
'59 Roundback with SS6150 frets
Sperzel locking tuners
String Set for B tuning: 13 18w 26w 42 52 68



Guitar #3 by stratamania

Model: Chambered Stratocaster®
Orientation: Right handed
F-Holes: None
Scale: 25-1/2"
Wood: Quilt Maple on Swamp Ash
Rout: Top Rout
Pickup Rout: Strat®, Strat®, Strat®
Controls: None
Bridge: Custom route for Gotoh 510 Tremelo
Stud Install: No Stud Install
Jack Rout: Strat® Top Jack Rout
Neck Pocket: Strat® Shape
Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt
Countours: / Tummy Cut / Forearm Contour
Battery Box: No Battery Box Rout
Binding: Natural Masked Binding
Top Finish: Purple to Clear Burst
Back Finish: Purple to Clear Burst

Style: Stratocaster®
Construction: Warmoth Pro
Orientation: Right Handed
Neck Wood: Birdseye Maple
Fingerboard Wood: Ebony
Nut Width: 1-5/8"
Back Shape: Standard thin
Fret Size: SS6100 (Stainless)
Tuner Ream: Schaller (25/64" 11/32")
Radius: 10-16" Compound
Scale: 25-1/2"
Fret #: 22
Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt
Pre-Cut Installed String Nut: Earvana GraphTech Black TUSQ XL
Inlays: Mother Of Pearl Dots
Side Dots: White Side Dots
Finish: No Finish from Warmoth, but completed with Satin Nitro for the headstock and Birchwood Casey Tru Oil for the neck by myself.

Pickups Kinman Woodstock Plus set with K9 Harness.
Tremelo, Gotoh 510TS-FE1 (Steel block) trem in chrome
Tuners, Hipshot Locking tuners.
Strap Buttons, Dunlop Dual Design Straploks.
Custom Neckplate, FSR Custom Neckplate made based on a design I sent in.



Guitar #4 by sduck

Chambered Strat body, mahogany back, select quilted maple top, green dye finish
Angled strat neck, mahogany back and black ebony fingerboard, gold finish frets, no inlays, graphtek nut
Sperzel tuners, Wilkinson bridge, Dimarzio pickups.



Guitar #5 by hachikid

solid body - alder
controls - 500k/500k volumes (one for the main pickups, one for the lipstick pickup), 500k tone, in/out of phase yellow rocker switches, on/off pickup rocker switches
concentric Jass Bass knobs
modified Mustang bridge
Staytrem tremolo arm upgrade
chrome Schaller straplocks
finish - locally sprayed Daphne Blue w/matching headstock (found the original DuPont codes)
custom cut pickguard by local luthier

Warmoth Pro construction
Goncalo Alves neck w/ Pao Ferro fretboard, mother of pearl inlays & Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL nut
SRV back contour
Schaller Mini Locking Tuners
22 frets
Stainless Steel 6100 frets
1-11/16" nut width
10-16" compound radius

neck - Roadhouse Pickups PDX90
middle - Mojo Pickups humbucker sized Gold Foil
bridge - Roadhouse Pickups PDX90
behind the bridge - GFS 8K Bridge Position Pro-Tube Lipstick



Guitar #6 by Guitar4Him

Body - Hosco - Alder, Seafoam Green

Neck - Warmoth
Style: Stratocaster®
Construction: Vintage Modern Construction
Orientation: Right Handed
Neck Wood: 3A Birdseye Maple
Fingerboard Wood: 3A Birdseye Maple
Nut Width: 1-11/16"
Back Shape: Standard thin
Fret Size: 6150
Tuner Ream: Sperzel (25/64")
Radius: 10-16" Compound
Scale: 25-1/2"
Fret #: 22
Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt
Pre-Cut Installed String Nut: GraphTech White TUSQ XL - Standard Nut
Inlays: Black Mother Of Pearl Dots
Side Dots: Black Side Dots
Finish: Vint Tint Satin Nitro

Bridge - Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Vintage Tremolo
Tuners - Grover Mini Locking Rotomatics
Pickups - Kinman Traditional Mk-III Set - Zero Hum with cream covers
Pickguard and Tremolo Cover – Warmoth Vintage Pearl

Standard 5-Way switch
Volume Control with treble bleed circuit
Push-Push Tone pot (switch gives additional options of Neck & Bridge, Neck & Middle & Bridge)

Additional notes:
Weight - 8 lbs, 3 oz
All cavities shielded with copper foil.



Guitar #7 by GJACOB

Alder Iceman body
Green Flake gloss paint (Warmoth finished)
Wenge raw neck
Ebony fingerboard with Block inlay
Tune-o-Matic bridge
Neck volume with Neck Series/Parallel push-pull POT
Bridge volume with Bridge Series/Parallel push-pull POT
Master tone with Phase Shift push-pull POT
3-way selector switch
Locking tuners
Gold hardware
DiMarzio ProTrack neck pickup
DiMarzio Air Norton S bridge pickup