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I've read that the type of bridge one uses will have a certain effect on tone.  I'm not sure what that effect would really be, so as an example, these are the two bridges I'm considering for my dual humbucker Tele:


Or the one on this guitar:


What's the difference in how they'll make the guitar sound?  And to make it more complicated, if I'm getting the Pearly Gates Plus and SH-1N 59 pickups which say they are 50mm spacing, does that cancel out the Gotoh bridge?  It says it has 52.4mm spacing.
Those two bridge types are very similar, both being string-through hardtails. I assume you're talking about the tele HB bridge and the vintage hardtail strat bridge that warmoth sells. The difference in tone is likely to be minor, but somewhere you'll read (probably on the bridge manfacturer's website, hint hint) that there are MAJOR benefits associated with X type of bridge. However if you buy a cheap no-name piece of junk it may affect your sound badly.
Use F-spaced pickups (SD calls them "trembuckers") with either of these bridges.
Ok, so if I use the Pearly Gates Plus (which is F-spaced) in the bridge, what should the neck pickup spacing be?  I'm looking at the SH1N 59 Model for the neck and the specs I find on it say it has "traditional" spacing on most sites with some saying it comes it "traditional" or "trembucker" (which is the same as F-spaced, apparently).  Which one do I need?
There is no such thing as a neck trembucker or f spaced; the whole idea only applies to bridge pickups - basically Fender-derived bridges have wider string spacing than gibson-derived bridges and so the pole pieces just need to be a hair farther apart to sit under the string. Just get whatever neck pup you want.
Ok, that clears that up, thanks.  But now I'm a little worried that I may have ordered my body with the wrong bridge routing.  I should have specified "Vintage Style Strat" for the hardtail mount, right?  I didn't actually specify anything besides "humbucker" when I ordered it over the phone so I have a feeling I'm getting the Vintage Tele routing which will only work with the ashtray style, correct?  I'll give them a call tomorrow anyway...
Ok, wtf.  Is it seriously that hard to get a strat-style hardtail bridge mounted on a Warmoth body?  Isn't this a common thing to have?  I talked to Warmoth and they said they would need to have the bridge on hand to route for it.  I understand that they don't offer it on their site, but why wouldn't they?  Is everyone satisfied with the Schaller offering?  I mean, they already carry other Gotoh products so it seems a bit ridiculous to not carry what I would consider to be a "standard" part.  I'm probably just going to get it routed here locally instead of dealing with the hassle of ordering the part from Stew Mac, sending it to them, and waiting longer.  Warmoth is a Gotoh distributor; why don't they just order the damn thing and bill me for it?
Because they're basically not a custom shop, and they don't have it programmed, so it's hand work, so they need to see the part, to make sure they don't screw up your nice body. BTW, are you sure it won't fit in the vintage hardtail rout? Lots of bridges are interchangeable if you look at the specs and ask around.
I'm not sure why you consider the gotoh to be a 'standard' part, I haven't heard of anyone here using it. Lots of us wish they had more routing options, but at least a hardtail strat bridge isn't that hard to do it yourself or have it done.
I guess I would consider it standard because first of all, they sell other Gotoh parts.  Secondly, it's what appears to be an exact copy (or a close one) of a Fender non-tremolo bridge (compare it to the pic above).  The Schaller flat-mount that they do have is much more unique-looking in my opinion.  I sent them the schematic of the Gotoh bridge and they still wanted to have it in-hand.  And yeah, it doesn't look too difficult to drill myself, but when I asked them to just drill the string holes (for reference...so I'd know where to put the bridge) the guy was like, "um...".  I didn't really understand why he was hesitant about it since that's one of the options they offer on the site.
Reading back through the thread; I can't fathom exactly what you ordered...

"I didn't actually specify anything besides "humbucker" when I ordered it over the phone so I have a feeling I'm getting the Vintage Tele routing which will only work with the ashtray style, correct?"

More than likely you won't get the ashtray style, but the Gotoh Humbucker Tele bridge routing; that would be the bridge pictured at the very top of your first post. Tone will not vary an iota between that and the Vintage Strat hardtail bridge.

Call them up; if they haven't started making the body yet you should be able to make the change if you want the different look.
I already did call them and was able to change stuff, but they don't sell the bridge in the 2nd picture, so they can't drill for it unless I send it to them.
Either Gotoh hardtail: Tele or strat both with strings through the body will fit perfectly with a stock Warmoth hardtail string through body set up. Just get a Gotoh either Tele or strat and it will line up and sound great. I have used both and have had fantastic sounding guitars with these bridges on them. What are you gonna save on a cheapie, $10? After you custom ordered an expensive body, It's not worth messing with.