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Octavian B

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I was wondering if anyone knew whether online orders also required a $25 minimum purchase. I managed to forget a couple of small parts, and I'd rather pick them up from Warmoth if I can.

Yes, unfortunately.
What are you getting?
Maybe someone on the forum is placing an order soon and might assist in your dilemma.
I think we've all done it before and yes it blows.

It would be nice if there was a item checklist of all the parts needed to build a guitar, a list we could print out and use as a guide when putting our online order together
Thanks for the swift reply everyone. Sadly I indeed had a list, I was just absent minded enough to not have a pen around to check things off (and J.C. was terrifically helpful and reminded me of some things I had forgotten!) I just forgot to get a switchcraft jack (but that's no problem, I can find one locally), but more importantly I wanted to get a Warmoth chrome or smoked chrome decal.
Somebody might have one but if not at least a decal can go on any time. You can double order when you do your next build. :icon_biggrin: And you will do another one believe me! :doh:
Willyk: Hah, indeed - maybe in a few years, this forum's been giving me ideas, which my wallet will not allow for quite a while! I do have another guitar that could use some new electronics (both pots in it are a bit scratchy), maybe I can muster up a $25 order that way. I should have more pictures of the jazzmaster (the body, not just the neck) by the end of the week.