One more time............


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I must stop doing this!.. :confused4: just ordered another body and neck. They have to be custom built (left handed) So I don't have a clue what they will look like. The body is a one piece swamp ash strat. Standard 3 sc, 6 hole trem, ordinary strat. The neck is a boat back Pro pau ferro/pau ferro with 6130 frets and 1 11/16" graphite nut. That's all I've decided so far. Pau ferro really varies in color so I will wait till it arrives before deciding on pickguard and pickup/knob combinations. Pickups will probably be RGs again and the body finish will depend on the grain. Yee har! wingin' it again :doh:
spauldingrules said:
I hope, for heaven's sake, there is not a knot in the wood!

I wouldn't mind a bit. I'd hate it to be boring.  :icon_biggrin:
NonsenseTele said:
Can't you control yourself?? :toothy10:
Sounds great!

Waddayamean! I'm in control, I only build about 10 a year, what's wrong with that?  :laughing8: