Ommiting Control Routs


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Everything i need is pretty much planned out, theres just one thing. When it comes to controls...the explorers default routs is not exactly what i want. I was told that Warmoth could omit any or all pothole routs. If so, i would like to omit the larger pothole on the explorer body. That said, my question is if i do this, will a straight LP switch fit into the middle pothole without having to do any additional work?

When I got my LP I noticed that the hole for the 3 way switch was a lot bigger than the holes for the pots.


Its not the easiest thing to see but you can see it a little bit.  You'd have to have a bigger hole for the one you wanted the switch in.
If I'm not mistaken, holes drilled for pots are 3/8" and for LP switches are 1/2". When ordering you can specify sizes for holes, but you don't get every option ordering on line.

Note that if you order a body from the Showcase or specify the PRS type option for a body, that third hole is going to be a 1/2" for an LP toggle like on a PRS McCarty, rather than a 3/8" hole for a rotary switch.h
I can tell from that picture that Warmoth does not need a deep nut like Gibson uses on LPs and the hole size on a Gibson is more like 9/16 not 1/2