Olde' Skully

As the season starts to turn, we slouch slowly towards October, when the power of the skull only increases! :laughing8:



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Spud said:
Bagman67 said:
That's pretty dang nifty.  If you ever feel possessed by the urge to do this again, maybe you could use a countersink bit to make the depressions for the rhinestones to sit in?
Thank you!

Ya don't own one the proper size, so I improvised. Not sure how soon I wanna do that again really! :laughing7: I decided to scrap plans for the back and leave it as is. However, I did use a punch and a drill with bit to modify the neckplate (forgive me Doug) to accept eyeballs. I feel that will be enough of them!

Maybe I will make a cool design on my jean pockets some day! :laughing7:
Looks awesome Cary...no worries... :eek:ccasion14: