Ok here's the new neck, now I need body ideas...


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shoot me your ideas... I 'd kinda like to stay close to the era of this neck w/tuners that are on it looks like late 65 to 67?

I have been toying with a "WWII Bomber Tribute" paint it like a B-17/24/25 with a nose art on it and a pinup neck plate
Well, I would suggest a strat body.  Surf Green or Daphne blue to be precise :icon_biggrin:
hmmm I really like your ideas :doh:....I know that I am in the minority on these opaque paint schemes, but I had to start somewhere  :dontknow: How about a lake placid blue Alder? and save the WWII bomber until later? or a fiesta red with gold harware? nah Dakota red? no Gold Flake (dick dale) Oh it's gonna be a strat no question there.  :guitaristgif:
The old strat colors like the ones you and I mentioned are my favorite. I'd say leave the bomber graphic for a more hot rodded jackson style guitar. :eek:ccasion14:
When I see a headstock like that, I think of either a Tele Deluxe, or an Ash body, aged/amber clear coat, hardtail and a black pg
Not vintage correct, but how about a swamp ash body with a trans blue finish.  Maybe even make it rear routed.
...and one would find it difficult to go wrong with a vintage white strat body and parchment pickguard (elegant simplicity)  :glasses10:
left handed strat white body  fender custom shop '69 pickups Jimi at woodstock for a right handed player
Does it have to be a strat?  :sign13:

I would put it on a swamp ash fender jaguar style body (clear gloss), tortoise pickguard and p90 pickups, just to change it up.
Painting of camouflage of tanks and pin up in the front of the guitar ( it was usuall to paint it on tanks and aircrafts )... Would be cool too that "counting" of enemies defeated...