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So,  I've got the moola, and monday when they open the phones I'll be talking someone at Warmoth's ear off to get my Tele off the ground.  I just placed an order with Lollar for one of his infamous P-90's, which will be my neck pickup, and now I'm trying to decide on a humbucker for the bridge.  I'm looking at the Rio Grande BBQ Bucker and it sounds like what I am looking for.  However I know that I have read here that when cooking up a humbucker-P-90 recipe, it is important that their outputs be similar so that one is not way louder than they other.  Does anyone have any opinions on whether this would be a good match? 
Haven't used the Lollars; it's pretty hard to try to really compare PUs by what semblance of specs that are available. My HB weapon of choice these days is the RG TX/BBQ set. They're loud beyond their specs if compared to SDs/DiMarzios. I don't see any specs on the Lollar site to even try to compare to, but assuming the Lollar is more like a vintage Gibson P90 than a high output one, you might get better balance using an RG TX humbucker than the BBQ in the bridge.
Balancing the output volumes correctly is the only way to get the in-between posiition to be really useful. I prefer concentric V/T controls, but other than that it's either trial and error, buy a matched set or do what a lot of the people making three-pickup "Teles" do, which is use internal trimpots to balance the volumes. It's particularly important in the three-pickup "Strat" situation.
Thanks for the input guys.  Yeah the Lollar site does not have a whole lot of very specific info on the specs of his P-90's, but what I have gleaned from searching other guitar forums (gasp!) is that they are very similar in output to the standard Fralin P-90 wind, and the Gibsons that are being produced right now.  Seems the general consensus is that they are pretty moderate in output.  I guess Jack is probably right that if I am stuck on trying a Rio Grande Bucker ( and I seem to be) then maybe the Genuine Texas Bucker will be the better match.  Any one have one?  My other frontrunner for a bridge humbucker is a Gibson Burstbucker 2, but I have just heard so many great things about the Rios, I want to give them a try.  Oh, and by the way, I could wait no longer and went on the E-store and ordered a body and neck off the showcase.  I just don't have the patience right now to do a finish, so I picked the lightly bursted black korina thinline in this picture.

they are going to route out the proper pickup config. and it will go with this neck...

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NonsenseTele said:
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Exactly what I am feeling!  I decided to go with Jack's sage advice, I mean I think he has built a guitar or two, and a RG TexasBucker will be going in the bridge.  Now wish me luck,  this waiting crap is not my forte.
Oh, I was lusting after that same body! Beautiful. I just ordered a Lollar P90 too, and Mr. Lollar told me the stock neck wind is 8.2k. Hope that helps. I'm swapping the Rio Grande Jazzbar for the Lollar on my walnut thinline. If anybody wants to buy it, pm me (Rio Grande jazzbar, black soapbar cover, all 11" of lead).
Mr. Lollar told me the stock neck wind is 8.2k. Hope that helps.

Right on Tfarny, I thought it was somewhere right in there, but as usual my haste prevented me from waiting till business hours and actually calling the dude, I just had to order right then at twelve midnight on Saturday/Sunday from the website!  :laughing11:  Let us know what you think of your Lollar, I will be reporting in on mine just as soon as I can!
The Lollar arrived today!!! I've got two other Quantum Views in my in box!!! (three if tyou count the one for the case I'm having shipped here, he-he)  Tomorrow,  a few of the hardware parts should be here.  And the BIGGIE,  Monday the body and neck, and the Rio TexasBucker.  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  :hello2: :hello2: :hello2: :hello2:
We are wainting for the pics! If you don't have a camera, stole one, but be sure to feed or vice! :icon_biggrin: