Noticed a thing about my new 13 degree Warmoth bass headstock today:


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I noticed that the space between the g-string and the d-string is longer than the space between the d-string and the a-string. It's no big deal, I've played through some songs with a lot of fills that are played on the highest strings, but I wonder why the headstock is made so that the space between the strings are longer. Please forgive for my English, I'm Norwegian.
are you talking about the string spacing on the nut, or something else on the headstock?

uneven string spacing on the nut would be because it was cut with even (or compensated) string centers.

FWIW - some people like even string centers at the nut, others like even string spacing at the nut. all of my bass clients have preferred even string spacing over even string centers at the nut while also preferring even string centers at the bridge

I think I may have been fooled a little by the thickness of the strings....  :icon_scratch:  :icon_thumright: The bass plays perfectly! :headbang1: