Non recessed Wilkinson: Floating or dive only?


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Is this just a preference or is one way better than the other?
I am installing a Wilkinson in my strat. It is routed for a non recessed Wiliknson.
I was thinking about using an ESP arming adjuster to help with the other strings going out of tune when I bend.
Has anyone used one of these or silmilar (blackbox, backstop, tremsetter) with a Wilkinson?
I would like to be able to pull up on the bar, even if it is only a little.

Also, what is the best way to set up dive only?
Crank down the springs so that the bridge is on the body or use a block in the cavity?

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I have mine set up for dive only.  I used three springs and I tightened down the claw until in held the bridge in place when I did a 1.5 step bend on the G string.  It is still quite usable and it doesn't go out of tune when doing double stops.