Hello all.  New to the forum, and I figured a good place to place my first post is here with a photo of my Warmoth Soloist.

I've had it for about 3 years, but I just recently freshened up the finish, and it turned out so well that I wish to show it off.  It's a walnut body & neck with an ebony fretboard.  Hardtail wraparound bridge, and all hardware it gold.  The finish is quite reflective, as you can see some of my crappy landscaping in it.  :icon_tongue:

Just want to introduce myself and say hello, and thanks to whomever runs this site.  Long time coming.

And sorry the pic is so small.  I could use a tutorial on how to insert a larger pic.


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Thanks for the compliments and the welcomes!  :hello2:

I used Jessup's natural oil-based stain as a sealer
Behlen's waterbase grainfiller with black pigment mixed
Zinser's wax-free shellac as a sanding sealer
Jessup's semi-gloss polyurethane sprayed with those little Preval spray units
Then I rubbed out the finish using the micro-mesh abrasive cloths:

If you've never used Micro Mesh, check out the kit they have at Woodcraft.  I may never use rubbing compound again.