new warmoth strat


Hi everyone i have been looking at warmoths for long time and the unofficial board for a while but never felt like i could fit in until i got a warmoth.
any i just ordered a warmoth neck and body the body came in today and i am very very exited about my build :toothy12:
Spartan117 said:
I'm not sure how to post pics
Click on reply, then "+ addicional options", "brownse", select the pic, add some others and click on reply again...
or put the pics on Flickr or any other site alike, copy the link and put here with [...] before and [/...] at the end, REMEMBER to change the three periods with IMG :D

What is the specs of the project?
Welcome to the Boards!  The pic worked btw

The only prerequisite to joining the board that I'm aware of is a love of guitars.  The need to create or hotrod instruments helps though.  :icon_biggrin:
Welcome Spartan, nice specimen.... :guitarplayer2:

Give us a looks at the neck now pleeeze... :icon_biggrin:
Halo fan?  I love that game.  Nice body you got there.  What finish plans do you have?
yes i am going to finish it myself i was thinking of a candy purple and black hardware but the neck it is birds eye maple it hasn't come yet it should be here this week or even tomorrow 
Candy purple would be absolutely killer.  With a pearloid pickguard to  :icon_thumright:
no i don't really want a pearloid pickguard but thanks for the idea but i was thinking of a black one and all black hardware and pickups. everything black except the neck and body by the way the neck came today and here is a pic of it with the body it has highly figured birdseye and flame but you cant see it very well in the photos