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Hey I love the way everybody shares photos on this forum, but what I appreciate more is when people post up sound files.  I'd love to hear more of them. I think, especially, that the 'pickups' forum discussions would make a  :evil4: of a lot more sense if people attached simple sound files instead of saying 'these pups have warm, buttery low-mids with soft, feathery highs' and don't say what amp or effects they use. The pup discussion and the talk about the tones of various woods gets a bit like wine-snob talk at times. Bring on the demo sounds!

Mediafire is my preferred hosting site; it's perfect for our uses if Warmoth doesn't want to dedicate a few gigabytes to allow .mp3 uploading (which would, probably, be easy for them). Are you out there, Warmoth tech dude?
I've thought that myself once or twice, how can these adjectives help us make a decision on what pups to use and not know if you were using a mesa or a pignose. Sound clips would be great!      Hellovan idea!

Wine snobs....very funny