need more input on specifics of maple neck...


Hi All! ...(my 1st post)    :)

  I've been reading all I can last couple weeks, about finishing my maple neck,[ just came today from Warmoth]. What I want is to protect it from dirt and grime, etc, ... but keep it feeling and looking as raw and natural as it is now(unfinished).

I love the clean look and silky feel it has, and  basically am after; non-yellowing, matte, natural feeling, yet sealed and protected well.  ...I'm leaning to the Pure Tung Oil, as this sounds like the ticket, but have a few more questions....

1) Is it easy to get that dull matte look and feel i'm after with pure tung oil?  ...I only ask because it seems most are shooting for a gloss, or high polished look with tung.

2) Will Tung Oil yellow up my nice new maple neck, now or after a few years aging?  ...also something I'd noticed is, there's alot of 'vintage look' fans in here... but it's not what I want now.  >> I'm currently overhauling the bass my bro and I built in '87, out of cherry w/ maple neck.... and the varathane finish to both, has now 20 yrs later, made it look like it's been playin' poker with Fidel Castro and friends  :icon_scratch: .... it's vintage looking alright.

3) ...also, not sure how Tung is applied.  Just wipe on, wipe off each coat? ...any tutorials in here or out there?

Guess thats all for now... hope my first post wasn't too long (or objectionable  :confused4: )  ... any replies are appreciated!

  Thanks!  :eek:ccasion14:

You might take a look at the EBMM site and forum; there are instructions in the FAQ (and repeatedly in the forum!) for Tru-Oil/wax finishing the necks.

All of the EBMM necks are finished with Tru-Oil and wax - if you can find photos of some that are older, you can see what the necks look like after aging.  The oil finish should be replenished once a year or so (depending on use).

Thanks, Shadow for steppin' up and offering great advice.. I will check out that forum, and already found my answers by gathering info from various places on the web, and asking questions in the right places.  :icon_thumright:

  Sorry if I offended anyone with my 'non-traditional' sentiments.
Tru Oil has Tung oil in it, but is not truly a Tung oil.  The real stuff is a wipe on, wait, and wipe off routine.  Then you let it sit for about a week.  The oil polymerizes with air.  Scuff it lightly with a scotch bite pad to rough the surface lightly and do it again.  After 5-10 coats it will resemble antique furniture, not so much in color but in feel.  Remember an oil will generally darken the wood a bit, it wets it for lack of a better word.  You can get darker tung oil, but that doesn't sound like what you want.  Just remember to get the pure Tung oil, if you search for that in this forum, the common brands will show up.

Tru Oil is more of a Varnish I think, but CB can give you the nitty gritty if you ask nicely.  His stickied post of finishes probably addresses what kind of finish it is. 

The bottom line is Tru Oil is more of a finish and Tung Oil is more of an oil treatment that polymerizes into a finish, but looks more like nice piece of wood furniture rather than a glossy finish.  As always, your results might vary a bit.