Need Advice on Gecko Medium 5

Hello Everyone!
I'm looking at building an MTD ripoff, it seems Warmoth is the place to be :)

I'm gonna run through what I have preliminarily picked out for all the parts and I ask that you all give it a review and make suggestions or just outright criticize my ass!

Bodystyle - Gecko 5 w/ Dual P/U's for Bartolini P2's, bridge routed for Hipshot A
Body Wood - Swamp Ash
Top Wood - Burl Maple, gonna pay the extra $$ and shoot for the 5A top
Neck Type - Gecko Medium 5
Neck Wood - Wenge
Fretboard Wood - Ebony w/o the gecko inlay
Extra's - Matching Headstock Veneer & Accent Line Option on top wood

Gonna go with Hipshot A bridge, Gotoh tuners and black straplocks and knobs.
I have a feeling I'm missing quite a bit but this is all I could remember off the top of the dome.
Don't forget the active electronics.  Go with a clear satin finish to most closely replicate MTD, IMO.  I'd also suggest checking out a figured walnut top.  For an alternative to the Barts, look at Delano or Nordstrand.

well....just did it!
just have to wait the 6-8 weeks for her parts to show up so i can start putting her together.

i looked into the figured walnut but found that I saw more maple burl that were to my liking then figured walnut.  while i did find a few walnut that made me hard in the special place, i found more maple burl that did the same.  figured that since I can't see what top i'm getting before-hand I would go with the one that had a higher % of great tops.

and I was able to score a AAAAA for a small surcharge.

i'm gonna need mad help with electronics wiring lol any experts out there?

i might upgrade to nordstrand down the line but for now i'm prolly gonna stick with barts, who knows may change my mind there too :)