Need a custom peghead decal for a Warmoth SRV neck...


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I'm naming this one after my girlfriend Laura Lee, and the font is called Chopin.

But I need someone good to make it for me.

Any recommendations?

There's a few guys on eBay but I'm not sure they're good enough because the mock ups they sent me weren't all that professional looking.

I've made my own, I just get that special paper, print it out and you have a decal. As to have someone do it for me, I dunno. I like having the headstock clean, and putting all the fun information on the neck plate, and have that custom made. Just a thought. Plus the engraving will last longer than the decal, and if you break up it's an easy fix. Just swap for a blank neck plate. Plus, sometimes the engraving is cheaper than the decal.

If you say your girlfriend plays bass in a Khurangbin, I'll have a heart attack.
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I use Uncle Nerky. I can tell he prints in black and then back fills any metallic color with paint pens, but the color is nice and uniform on the front. Not sure how he does the tortoise ones, must be printed.

These metal stickers were both made for me by MorningPrint, from a same size file I attached in a form they have online (I don't remember if it was a tiff or jpeg file or a pdf). Anyway, they're tough; once on they go on they don't want to come off.
warmoth sticker on old tele.jpg

warmoth sticker on 7:8 strat.jpg