neck weights posted in Showcase


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the body weights are listed, but never the neck weights  :sad: when matching a body/neck out of the showcase, I'd really like to know that the neck I'm looking at won't be on the heavy side when I've selected an unusually light body. maybe it only makes sense to do this on the bass necks

please, o please, o please could this be added to al the bass neck listing in the showcase?

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You know what would probably work just as well?  how about the relative weight of the wood?  Just a master list. list all the diferent wood types by weight from top to bottom. lighter woods at the top, heavy at the bottom.  Not all woods of the same type will weight the same, but i bet its close enough.
Just need to weigh 10 maple necks, take an average and thats it
10 Gonclao alves"                                                  "
10 of all the rest" yada yada yada

Ask Gregg, he doesnt do anything except walk arround and take pictures :laughing7:
relative weights don't work for me, though, as wood has roughly a +/-20% variance from average weight for a given species. the weight will even vary within a specific board.

here's the deal ... if I am purchasing a 4lb 5 oz Swamp Ash body, I either need to match it with an equally light neck or drop $100 into a set of Hipshot Ultralights (or maybe even both!) to avoid neck dive. today I simply avoid many of the higher priced necks because the weight is a mystery, and use only Maple/Maple

but this is probably something more unique to a bass due to the added neck length, as I rarely hear of guitarists complaining about neck dive on their Strat or Tele

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Cool idea, but the only problem is that the exact weights of our necks are rarely ever a concern with our customers.  Yes, you are going to notice a slight difference between a vintage modern and a Warmoth pro neck made up of the same woods.  But within the same construction method, two necks of the same wood are going to be so close in weight to each other that it won't make any difference to the customer.