Neck Weight a consideration for Baritone Build?


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After a lot of research I think the answer here is "no", or "stop overthinking it" :D All the same, I'd like to get some thoughts from the community if anyone is up for it.

I've been slowly planning a baritone build for a while and am now trying to finalize what I want to do for the neck. I've done a lot of research on various scale-lengths and Warmoth's looks pretty good to me; seems to be a bit of an in-between from a lot of options out there. Longer than the ~27" range, shorter than the ~30" range, etc.

I plan on going the Hybrid Strat route with two P90s, solid body. So the body will be substantial enough. I suppose the back of my mind is still eyeing the VIP a bit, but I really like the Hybrid Strat look.

So... I think pretty much any neck I get should be okay and not result in any dive. But I have come across some feedback on other forums where people say they regret going Exotic woods on large scale necks (Bass or Baritone) due to the added weight. Personally I think the exotic choices are a big reason WHY you'd want to go with Warmoth.

I haven't settled on what I'd hope to build yet; there's a lot of combinations I've read about here on this forum that sound really intriguing. Anyhow - with this body selection should I be concerned at all with the weight of the neck with certain materials / woods?
Too many variables, what would be the body wood and its weight, versus the neck materials and types of tuners.

Personally I think the exotic choices are a big reason WHY you'd want to go with Warmoth.

It is one reason why people do so, but the other is quality parts in general regardless of wood type. Exotics may not always be the best choice for a first build.
I would be more worried if you were going with a tele-shaped or similar body; the strat and vip shapes are less prone to neck dive.

I have a hybrid strat with a canary wood baritone neck and no neck dive to be seen
Exactly what @ragamuffin said.
Build a thinline Tele with hardtail bridge and put even the lightest neck with heavy Schaller locking tuners and you have a recipe for a neck diving guitar; an unpleasant/expensive recipe at that. I wish I had put a trem on that one, or non-locking tuners, or both...

If it's a Strat body with tremolo it will take a lot of effort to make it neck dive (unless the body is <= 3lbs to begin with).