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I think warmoth should offer neck through bass and guitar necks.

i know what your thinking: how would i get that awesome body if the only blanks ofored are swamp ash, mahogany, and alder?
and you'd have to cut the body your self.
so how about precut body wings. it would cost less for bodies because less wood would be used. (of course the neck would cost more)

and most pickup and bridge routings (that i have seen) would fit on the body portion of the neck (or just make the body portion 4" wide(for bass))
see what i did there (i used a (double parentheses))

the wood options would be limited but im willing to pay through the nose to get an all wenge bass neck.  SEXY!
I would kind of think that the body would end up using the same amount of wood to begin with.  Wouldn't they have to carve the body, then cut the middle out where the neck goes through and just throw that away?  You would just get less of the bodywood, but they'd have started with the same amount.
or , don't glue the blank together, just glue it on to the neck, but what i meant was you can use smaller "wings" to begin with, like if they don't have two pieces wide enough to make a blank.  but you're always wasting wood warmoth sells oversized blanks. this way it would be easier to use more exotic woods (in small supply) as wings.

but yeah there will always be an argument against it, its to much work, necks cost to much, there will be more work for the customer.

but there will also be a lot of people for it.  just do what carvin dose and sell just the neck and some body blanks.  but any way i rather get an exotic neck though and cut a swamp ash blank in half and design my own body.
I would like to see this. It would give some more options for body shaping as well as allow for a different approach to wood selection. I have a Tobias neck-through that sustains for days.
This sounds like a logistics nightmare for Warmoth 
Let me say this up front, I like the idea. The more stuff they have to sell, the better I like it. I spend a lot of time looking through the showcase,

For it to be succesful, they almost have to have all the possible options for the add on body wings ready to go from day one.
This includes tools, programing, possibly more production area, and certainly storage space.
and a certain inventory on hand, in the event theres a huge unexpected demand , the flipside, is there will be little demand and they will sit on the inventory for years
How many different headstock designs will they need to attract people to buy?

If they only supply the neck, they wont attract a lot of business, if people have to do a whole lot more work than what they do now.
And if you, or "we" are carving the bodys ourselves, I don't think Warmoth wants their name on our butcher'd projects.

Other than all that, I would love for Warmoth to offer some kind of neckthrough options, maybe they will do a small scale pilot project someday. And let us here be the first to try them, that is after Gregg gets his collection set.
Well then maybe they should never add any new products if it might be hard.

Adding any new capability will always involve a slow rollout and a pilot program. It would be as simple as making a neck-through profile available in a few more popular neck woods and making body wings (probably G style) available in a similar fashion. Limit the choices and gague demand, which is how most new products are rolled out.

Having said that, I agree that it has a higher chance of failing than succeeding; only I would think it would be due to lack of demand or consumer fatigue rather than logistical problems.
I would like to see them offer 'neck thru necks'  as an 'Option' - with the understanding the DO NOT offer bodies or 'Wings' - that would be up to the Customer to create on their own.

Warmoth products are 'linked' in the sense that they utilize neck pocket dimensions that fit their necks - but I know of plenty of player / builders that purchased only a neck, and handled the body fit later.

Creating and stocking longer wood blanks would be the issue - and having a rack to store them in, however - as they wouldn't be offering a 48 hour turn around, they could keep a minimal stock of long neck thru blanks available.

I know more than a few player / builders on would be ordering up for a project ............. neck thru with Fanned Frets and some Fiber Optic fret markers !

Welcome to the 22nd  Century  :headbang1: