neck pockets on showcase models


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theres a tele body in the showase that i like AND a strat neck that i like... can the tele pocket be re-routed for strat fitting when ordered? I know it'll be non-returnable but i think i could start a project if thats feasable :)

Nope.  :(

The Strat pocket has more wood in the corners than the Tele pocket, and you can't put wood back.  The good news is you can still mount a Strat neck in a Tele pocket - if there's an overhanging fingerboard (Warmoth Pro or Vintage Modern) it'll mostly cover the small gaps in the corners as well.
From the Warmoth website...

"The heel shape of Strat® necks is rounded at the end, Teles® are squared. Strat® necks will fit Tele® bodies but show a gap at the corners. Tele® necks may not intonate on a Strat® body without neck pocket modification."