My Warmoth Superstrat

I've seen your guitar from the beginning, and I regularly come and look at it! Simply great in every way! :icon_thumright:

I wonder though, why haven't I seen such an redish/orange and figured Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard in the showcase or "Unique Choice" selection?
I've decided I will be using the Hipshot hardtail again on my next Super Strat, along with Steinberger Gearless Tuners.....I have my plan complete and know what Im shooting for and will be purchasing a Wenge on Wenge, Warmoth Pro, Quartersawn, Fatback, Strat neck with 6115 SS frets and Black Graph Tech Tusq XL nut in january....If all goes as planned this guitar should be just as exceptional as this one was maybe even better.

I like the Hipshot hardtail but am still looking for that perfect hardtail as I think even better could be built....but as of date I think its the best on the market.

I am also going to go with the Rio Grande's again.... the.... Big Bottom Humbucker Set, Muy Grande in the bridge and Tallboy in the neck and the Half Breed RWRP single coil in the middle.

Im going all Black hardware and putting it on a Warmoth Solid Mahogany/Quilt maple top body finished in Brown dye with a Black Gloss back.....and have decided I would let Warmoth do the finish this time as well, as they Kicked some serious butt on my last guitar.

If I had built a traditional Strat I would have had Tonar finish it in Nitro, but being this is a War Machine and Im using the Rio Humbuckers and Mahogany Body, as well as a Wenge neck, Im not as concerned about The Be all/ End all of pristine tone, that I would be, if I was going for Pure Strat tones where the wood seems to come into play more.

I expect the whole guitar to take about 4 months from begining to completion give or take a month or two,as it will cost a pretty penny and I plan on buying the parts seperately ...first the neck so I can see how it will look firsthand and then adjust any finish and end result details as I go.

Again Im using a Sadowsky as an Idea to pattern the guitar after.....heres the One Im emulating....    :glasses9:
The above is reason enough for the word 'juxtaposition' to exist.

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