My Warmoth Superstrat

One of the finest guitars I have seen.  I just finished an hour of playing some blues on my new strat.  There is nothing like playing something you built yourself.
along with an additional string tree for better tone.

I build "players" too, and I've always tried to use as few, lower-pressure trees to help the strings return to pitch ( I HATE locking nuts & whammys, I can't think of a single guitarist who uses them that I consider to have world-class tone - sorry, Satch & Vai!). Do you feel that the second string tree improves the tone because it increases the string tension? I mean is there evidence for this? I am building a 7-string now and I am contemplating how to fabricate my own, THREE-string tree for just the unwound strings.
Hey stubhead, I suggest trying it out as I had without trees for a while, and then add as you feel necessary.

I may have preferences that are different and may have no use to another player, so what I felt about my circumstances is there as I experienced things with my ears and personal trials, which may or may not be different from the next guy, thus, meaning all of this nit picky stuff is pretty relative to the player and circumstances..............

In Short: If it sounds Good, it is Good!
and now put on a pau ferro neck, and you can call yourself reb beach! great axe! love the combination of wood, color and detailing! great!
welcome back!
where have you been hanging out? oh wait didn't you move out in the doghouse?  :icon_biggrin:
Hey guys, glad to see the killer stuff you guys are building. and always thankfull for supportive comments. and yes I got sent to the doghouse and am still eating alpo. hehehehehehe.... thats ok. now I don't have to put up with anymore of that relationship hokey pokey B.S.  It may be awhile before I build a new ax,thats true,  but I will, and it will be a Killer one for sure.  Im thinking Death Metal Kool!!!!!!..........I've relocated to the midwest and am in the process of getting situated, (gosh darn it these breakup things are a real pain in the arse!!!) but in do time I will unleash another Warmoth Superbeast! Keep Rockin!!!! :evil4: :party07:
good to hear that things are looking better! can't wait to see your next project!
Keep kicking man!  :evil4:

(just translate to me what is the meaning of  hokey pokey bull shhhhiiit :laughing7: )
Yeah, Im constantly fantasizing about different Warmoth projects.  Building the Superstrat was a highlight in my life I will always cherish. That is one bad guitar. It sounds like a les Paul only cleaner and clearer, if that makes any sense,the resonance of the Stainless steel frets and Quarter sawn maple, FatBack Neck combined with the Black Korina Body and brazillian rosewood fretboard being picked up by Rio Grande humbuckers, the Tallboy in the neck and the Muy Grande at the bridge...... very nice deep strat sounds.  Its funny,... now I want to build something simpler, just a standard strat with prime parts, light body, traditional alder, though its gotta be a fatback neck, hahahaahaha, I love the chunk and feel not to mention the tone of the Fatback..  well, later guy's, awesome guitars, one day I'll be posting pics again, soon enough.  keep on jammin!!!!  :guitarplayer2: