My Warmoth Superstrat

Hey RacerR, its a Hipshot .175 thick baseplate hardtail bridge, no they didn't I had to drill all the holes out considerably larger, as well as elongate the 2 outer holes inward even more,to use the Hipshot hardtail you need to order:  "just the 3/16 string thru holes, bridge route option" ,  and then do the rest of the work yourself; (alignment, bore out the string thru holes and drill the mounting holes.)   I also added 2 additional  mounting screws to the bridge base plate so I had to drill and counter sink those as well. (the extra 2 mounting screws were not a necessary addition, just something I added for strength).
So no, If your gonna use the Hipshot hardtail, there is some work to be done, and I only suggest it if your used to doing this type of thing, as you could easily ruin your guitar body.

here's the template for the Hipshot hardtail:

click on pic for larger view....
here's their link....
Hey Thanks Toys, you know its funny, I was kinda wanting a traditional strat as thats my fave and what I have mainly played, but the more I jamm on this beast, the more its starting to feel very personal, like a well worn pair of sneakers or work gloves.
I love the collection you have going, all very different from each other, I like that, I can relate to what you said about not being as anal about the details anymore, when I was planning this one, I was really concerned about vintage tone and wether I should get a laminate top and all that jive, but after a while I just seemed to keep adding options, like the black line accent (which is actually a thin sheet of fiber that gets sandwiched between the laminate top and the body wood), which I thought would surely take away from its tone, but this guitar has great tone in spite of what I thought might be the case.
The Warmoth guy's said not to sweat it and Im glad I listened because I love this guitar more every day.
Now if I could just get the money together for my next one..hahahahaha  ..... in time, .......I am looking forward to that. :)
Hey Superbeast. is it just the .175 that requires modification? I read somewhere that the regular .125 could be used as replacement for a Fender HT Bridge without modification.
Does it make a lot of difference to the tone/sustain anyway?
Hey there m4rk0, I wish I could give you a straight answer, but the only experience I have is this, I bought both the .125 and the .175 Hipshot Hardtail bridges, so I had them both on hand during my build. So heres what I know.....
They are both absolutely Identical except one has a thicker base plate, obviously the .175 is the thicker base plate meaning the saddles sit higher.........

Warmoth had said their only option for using the Hipshot hardtail (or at least the one they recomended to me) was to get "just the 3/16th string thru holes drilled", (this is a standard option in the bridge route choices).
The reason being is the saddle spacing is very narrow, compared to other bridges, NOTE: (nothing weird or odd looking should you decide to use it, as a matter of fact I like that I have about 1/8 th inch string clearance on each E string and the edge of the fretboard.)
Im also noticing more and more bridges are being made with these same saddle spacing specs........So hopefully it will become a standard route down the road.

I bored the 3/16th string thru holes on my body out to 15/64ths and still had to needle file the 2 outside E string thru holes inward even more, though all that wouldn't have been necessary, as you can get the strings to clear before you drill em out that much, but because Im such an anal freak about certain details.
I wanted my strings to be absolutely clear of wood or any contact other than at the necessary points of Ferrule and saddle, so on mine theres absolutely nothing but String and Steel.

Note: I want to mention I worked up to the 15/64th's bit size, I didn't just yank out the 15/64's and say ahh this will I drilled with a progressively larger bit, so as not to tear any wood or finish.........

I also like higher action than alot of people, and have played like that my whole life, so alot of guys may be able to use the .125 and I noticed thats the model most places sell, but I pick hard and like my strings to ring completely clear of the frets no matter where on the neck I play.
I really don't see how people are able to set up thier guitars with anything but the closest of string / fret action and probably super flat boards as well with the .125, thats why I used the .175, I like to have some bend in my neck and high strings so like I said maybe you can use it.

As far as tone and sustain.......hmmmm, probably subjective as far as the bridge plate thickness goes, though it feels good knowing I have a nice thick slab of solid brass securing my strings to the body........but; it is immperative for the string angle over the saddles to be enough that the strings vibrate and ring clear, so If the plate is too high and the saddles have to be set too low, you may not get the strings sitting on the saddles properly or they may be rubbing on the plate near the string holes at the bottom of the saddle, which could cause string breakage?????? on the other hand if the plate is too low and the saddles cant be adjusted to where you want ???????????

If you do end up putting the Hipshot on I would be interested in knowing how it turns out, also when I put the .125 on my guitar I knew in 5 seconds with out even putting strings on that it wasn't going to allow me enough saddle height adjustment.
well good luck, its a great bridge I feel, and other than when I called Hipshot to order my .175 model direct from them and chatted with the only girl working and got the impression that this place is someones garage...hahahaahahaha.......Im surprised more people don't use em, or offer routes for em?????????   baffles me???????
But then again I love Carl Martin pedals, and most people I talk to have never even heard one?????????  another mind boggler?????? :)

probably just created more confusion than answers.....hahahahahahaha.........

Hey Super

Do you find the Hipshot bridge to be particularly narrow compared to a regular strat bridge?  The specs of the string spread are more narrow that the traditional strat hardtail.  I love how heavy that bridge is though, and the sustain must be killer.


Hey Red, maybe slightly narrower, though not to the point the strings are crowded feeling at all, I use a 1 5/8ths nut width and like lead heavy playing, aka Stevie Ray, Rory Gallagher, Floyd, Hendrix, Page, etc. mostly blues based classic stuff, so having closer spacing to my strings helps offset the high action that I like for maximum tone, that coupled with the heavy brass bridge and Warmoths Killer woods, make this one Bad A** tone machine, Im tripping more every time I pick it up.
just the other day I was working on some stuff and rolled back my tone knobs all the way and WOW!!! the Blues Tone Im getting outta this thing is nothing short of a Les Paul with Strat clarity, simply amazing......I can't say enough about these Rio Grande pickups........that and this Black Korina body, Man it just Kills.........." Im a happy boy, happy boy,.... happy boy, happy boy, ....aint it great when things are going your way,... hey! hey! "..................heheheheehehehehe :laughing7:
   For anyone interested theres my latest revisions and Pics of My New Custom Made Strap up.................

  Their at the bottom of the original pics.............
That is one outstanding guitar man. Love the strap too. I bet it sounds deadly... :headbang:
O.K. just to make things official and cap my saga with the Superbeast, "My Warmoth Super Strat", I feel its necessary to mention the Superbeast was sold (strap and all) and has a new home somewhere due to extenuating circumstances that were beyond my controll at the time.
It did finance me a trip to L.A. and back as well as Wisconsin and back so all was not lost, I won't go into details but will say its O.K. as the experience I gained building this guitar will be with me for a lifetime and I am looking forward to another, its funny but as much time and detail as I had spent on this guitar, there were some things I realized I will do different on the next one, and though I never thought I would feel alright parting with it, I have come to view my guitars alot like women, you love em, and play em, through good times and bad, but sometimes ya just gotta go seperate ways. :laughing11:

for the record I had informed the establishment I sold it to, the history and origins as well as the account of it here at The Unofficial Warmoth site so maybe the new owner will make mention of any changes or experiences?????  either way last I heard it was being setup for the next leg of its journey.  :rock-on:
Wow, man,  sorry.  Hope you will embark on another.  That thing was truly one of a kind!
Hey guitlouie, Yes!  I am getting ready to order the beginnings of my next one in a few weeks.

Though it will be far different than "My Superbeast" in that it will be designed to focus more on traditional Strat sounds and setup to help me achieve those sounds and tones I dig most by players like SRV, Hendrix and Gallagher.

This time Im going to build what I always seem to be longing for; a Traditional Start with premium parts.

My last one was Cool in an exotic sense, but I got a bit side tracked with the details. It was certainly kick ass in that it sounded like a Les Paul/Strat combo, but it was more a do it all guitar, where as this one will be as true to a Great sounding and playing Fender strat as I can build, give or take a few particulars that I just gotta have like Stainless frets and a Fat Neck.....hahahahahaha

So far, the details Im certain on are: a Quartersawn all Maple, Vintage modern style, Fatback contour neck, with a 1 5/8ths nut width, unbleached bone nut, SS6115 frets (gotta have that stainless), (and Im gonna see if I can pay extra to get "premium looking" Abalone dots).
and this time Im gonna try my hand at one of them hand rubbed oil finishes that Tonar8353 makes look so darn sweet, screw the warranty, if I can get it to look half as good as he does, and its half as smooth feeling as it looks, Im thinking its gotta be one step closer to tone heaven.

For the body Im gonna see about getting a lighter one piece Alder outta the showcase, hoping that picking the grain pattern and weight may also be another step toward tone enhancement,and then find someone to do a nice thin Nitro job on it (Color still undecided). though Im not against buying a finished body out of the showcase should one catch my eye. 

Hardware will be all  Callaham, .....a "Vintage S Model Hardware Kit" along with their "S Model Pre-wired Pickguard Assembly" outfitted with "Callaham H/SRV Specials". .......heck Im even gonna buy my case from them.

Another cool thing about building a traditional top route strat, is if I want, I can swap out my pickgaurd and lay in my favorite Humbucker set, the Rio Grande, Muy Grande Bridge and Tallboy Neck humbucker combo and Im into heavy duty rock territory....sweeet!

So definantly not as exotic or unique as "My Warmoth Superstrat", but certainly closer to my heart and soul. :icon_thumright:

Superbeast520 said:
So definantly not as exotic or unique as "My Warmoth Superstrat", but certainly closer to my heart and soul. :icon_thumright:


Dude you sound so genuinely excited about this, and optimistic in moving on from the superstrat. That's fantastic- good for you man
Keep in mind you can always use a exotic laminate top on the alder body with no real effect on tone.
Hey Beast,

Where have you been? I was just thinking to myself I haven't seen any postings from Superbeast520 and you pop up. I'm currently working on two strat types, one black korina flame (Warmoth) rear mount with humbuckers and a 5 way blade switch, vintage wilke trem, rockfield swc pickups and all black hardware, the finish is at 5 coats of true oil right now. I havent decided on the neck yet, I am in the process making a neck jig to cut truss rod channels so I'm thinking about making the neck for this one, ziricote fingerboard, and maybe white korina or mahogany neck blank or ebony fingerboard on maple neck blank no dot markers on either fingerboard of choice. The other is a hardtail strat, dyed black with Fender texas specials wired to a white pearloid pick guard with a tone mod (resistor on the volume so when you lower the volume you don't loose your tone) black pickup covers and chrome hardware. This one will also wear a hand rubbed tru oil finish with a maple and rosewood neck. Both strats have sunken Jim Dunlop strap locks black for the black korina flame & chrome for the hardtail.

Just take your time and enjoy your next build.

Hey Guys, Yeah jackthehack, I know your right, and its very likely, come body choice time, I will opt for some type of top and probably finish as well, as Warmoth makes some of the most awesome looking bodies available.

I like to buy the neck first, too me its the most personal part of the guitar, and lucky for me I was able to choose the details that seem to be right for my hands and styles I like most the first time out. (thanks in no small part to Warmoth and their very informative descriptions of back contour,nut width,frets etc...) so thats my first step.

Nice work bootlegger, I can see you've been busy and I'll be looking forward to checking out pics as soon as I get the chance or you get them posted.

I appreciated the e-mails I recieved from some of you guys while I was away, and though I wasn't in a favorable position to respond at the time, it was cool to know that my blabberings were interesting, entertaining or aggravating enough to warrant a

Yep guys, gotta stay positive and patient....later.... :icon_biggrin:

That's one of the nicest builds I have seen on these boards.
Great attention to detail.
Your pics were A plus.
I got lost for awhile to the patterns of that wood...I'm back now.