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Hey, guys and gals! I just wanted to go ahead and post my rigs up here on this, (click on the delay pedal...) The Best (best) Guitar (guitar) Forum (forum, forum)!

I'm a fairly simple guy. In the past I used lots of pedals and loops, and have since gone back to using just the Wah.

The guitar side is a Trace Elliot Bonneville 100 watt head with 6L6s. It goes to the Mesa Recto 4X12 cab with the side armor! Sometimes I'll put the Trace SM7 eq pedal in the loop to ape a good 'Puppets' tone.

The bass side is an Ampeg B2r to a Trace Elliot 4X10 cab (seeing a theme here?).

Do I have any fellow Trace Elliot fans out there (there, there)?
MUYFUE said:
(click on the delay pedal...) The Best (best) Guitar (guitar) Forum (forum, forum)!

:toothy12: :toothy12:

Nice rig, it looks loud  :headbang:
dbw said:
Nice rig, it looks loud  :headbang:

It's all in the lighting...HA!
Anyone out there use/love/hate Trace Elliot?
I'm going into the studio soon to record and i'm still conjuring tones...
I dont really know much about Trace Elliot stuff.
But i'm a huge fan of the Peavey Bandit!!!  .. and TE is owned by Peavey isn't it?
I'm pretty sure TE is a Peavey subsidiary. I'm a HUGE Peavy supporter/endorser/user/addict. I've always used Peavey amps; they're affordable, well-built, and they just work for me. My current amp is a ValveKing 112. Love it!
Nice rig, it looks loud  :headbang:

dog bless us... :hello2: I use a SWR SM500 bass rig for everything, with 500 watts on tap no one has ever lived long enough to complain about the "tone." :glasses9:

Yeah I'm a fan of Peavey stuff too. A friend of mine uses one of the half stacks, Valve King? Windsor? I'm not sure but it sounded pretty good.
TE is currently owned by Peavy, but the guitar head and bass cab were made while TE was distributed in the U.S. by Kaman. Then Gibson for a while, now Peavey.

As for the SWR tuff, I have a friend with the Workingmans stack. Its not bad! especially for the money he spent.

The goal is to get an Eden, I'd love that. I used one for recording before and I really love how it came out.
OR we could go UNIBROW, get a Trace head and not have to worry about any 'ol Marshall.  :evil4: