6x12+2x10Bass woofer”MONOLITHIC” speaker wiring help Please


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:dontknow:Hi ,haven’t been on here in a while , I’m hoping to get some help for wiring MY  BEHEMOTH OF A GALLIEN KRUGIER CABINET FRO THE 60s I am converting for my guitar cab so it Originally  came with 2x10 woofer box that’s enclosed with what looks to be 3-4 capacitors (I do t know what and why )  it’s enclosed in its own  box reading 4 Ohms.
I have 4 /12 inch EMINENCE  speakers I want to put in that are brand new and
2 -12 inch GK bass speakers
Making it a 8 speaker quake machine hopefully
I need help wiring this monolithic refrigerator,
But I am not very good with schematics but diagrams I can understand ,
I’m trying to get a 8 ohm load in all is done as I’d imagine that would be my BEST BET  to suck the air from  the lungs out for a person standing in the front row guitar position Muhaha 
If any one has any other reasons why it should be in a different ohm load please School me as I need a lesson .
I have the connecting wires ready a good thick wire Cut and everything stripped twisted  tinned soldered connectors clamped tight .
One thing I would very much like todo is to be able to SWITCH the 2bass speakers and woofer off/on and still have the 4x12 EMINENCE SPEAKERS goingTo get different sounds and basically turn off with a literal switch by hand in the back that will be protected  under by the hand bar for transport .
I know it’s over kill but it would be pretty cool and I have all the parts  :dontknow: :help:I just need some help getting it there  so any one help me out ? Or draw me a very simple wire  diagram ?
4x12 Guitar speakers 8ohm
Switch off/On
2x12 GK BASS speakers 8ohm 
2x10 bass woofer 4 ohm
= 8 ohm load out to GUITAR HEAD
SHOW YOUR  WORK HOW YOU GOT 8ohm load answer,
Lol thank you please let me know if you can help in anyway
I’ll send pictures ASAP  .