Happy trade


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I just made a trade on marketplace. I had a Schecter Blackjack ATX C-1 guitar laying there which was not getting played at all. That was from my metal days. I decided to post it in the classifieds and either sold for 700$ CAD or exchange it for a tube amp.

4 hours later I got a message and he asked if I wanted to do a trade for a Blackstar HT Stage 60 combo amp. I was coming from a Peavy JSX Mini Collosal 5w amp which was afwul.

This is the best trade I ever did. Amp is so clean it looks like new and it works flawlessly! I put my favorite tubes in it and it slays. So many different tones from it.

I plugged it in my Zilla 4x12 oversized cab with V30 + H75 Creamback in an X pattern. So much better than the 70-80 in the combo.

Anyone ever used Blackstar HT amps?

I have an HT5 - which despite it being only 5W was a very good value when I bought it. I toyed with getting a Series One 45 watt at one time also.