My New amp


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Got no pictures, or sound clips ahha, but I do have a new amp head. I bought a Peavey Ultra 60 head for cheap off a guy I know. If you've ever heard the band Freak Kitchen thats the sound I got out of the amp. It is just over the top with the distortion but dry.
hey cd are you diggin it i had one in the early 90s and thought it was a good heavy rock amp lots of deep bass  and the clean diddnt suck either the only reason i dont have it now is i tradded it for one of the first 5150s which inturn it got traded for a mesa boogie dc-5. but i liked it when i had it i also liked the rockmaster preamp kinda sounded the same as the ultra but was alittle more versital.
I'm really diggin'  the amp. The bad thing is I have to find a footswitch for it. It's not the 1/4 guitar jack style one but the weird multipronged jack like an old computer keyboard plug.
Old thread, I know, but I just sold an Ultra 120 head this past weekend. That was the 3rd Ultra I've owned. In a live situation, the crunch and Ultra channels just don't cut thorugh. That left me with using pedals through the clean channel to get dirty sounds with presence, but the clean channel on the Ultras is weak at best, downright anemic at worst.
So, I sold it and stuck with a blackface Dual Showman, using my pedals through it. The best sounds I've gotten to date, including Marshalls, a Mesa, and other Peaveys I've owned.
yeah theres a error like sound thjat always came from my high gain channel, even with premo tubes

i had to add to increase the input resistance, and all worked well

but they have a very shimery quality i remember, i regret selling that baby of mine

loved it