My new 13 pin midi Strat


Hi and hello to all... newbie here on the forum. Just finished this Strat, and after posting in the Gallery at Warmoth, I thought, what the heck, I'll post it here too. The absoultely stellar body of alder and figured spalt maple is loaded with Duncan pups and the Graph Tech Hexpander 13 pin system. The neck is a Fender American Deluxe with black headstock and LSR roller nut. Controls are volume, tone (EMG EXG circuit), and "tone" which is actually the Hexpander volume out. Black switch is coil tap for the humbuckers, other are: one switch to choose, mag pups, synth, or both, and a momentary switch that will scroll through presets on your synth. Always wanted to do a build like this, and Warmoth came through with this fantastic body that I snagged from the Showcase.

Very cool!!! nice piece of spalt!!
great finish too, when I first looked at it, I assumed it was Koa for some reason..
Nice piece of spalt!  How about some more pics of the headstock, whole body shot, pic of the back, etc.

Oh, and welcome to the board.  :icon_thumright:
very nice!!!

you do the work on the 13 pin jack rout? Im planning on doing this to my Warmoth but not sure how to proceed with the jack routing. any info would be great!

Thanks Brian. Yes, I did the route for the 13 pin myself. It was a little unnerving, as this body did not come too cheaply. I first practiced on a scrap piece of wood, and what worked for me was drilling holes, and then cutting from hole to hole with a small hand saw. I then finished to size with my Dremel using a small sanding drum. If you would like more info, please feel free to contact me at my email available on my profile. Here are some more pics.