My last project


go cat go

I put this one together at the beginning of the year. it is becoming one of my faves.

Fender MIJ Body - '57 reissue
Wilkinson 6 point bridge
Grover locking tuners
Warmoth maple and rosewood neck - standard slim profile
Warmoth pickguard
Vintage Vibe pickups wired with a Deaf Eddie chromacaster switch.



Hope you like it.

Has a nice Vintage look to it.. I'm diggin it :glasses9:
Is that a new Vintage Wilky trem? If so,,how is it? I have a strat that needs a new 6 screw trem and I'm thinkin about the new Wilky Vintage..
Nice, I was raised on Fender so I always have a soft spot for traditional strats, looks great, and Im sure the tone matches......... :icon_tongue:
Sorry for bumping and hijacking an older topic,

Im new here (first post) and i thought my question doesnt really deserve a topic since the question i have has probably been answered about a thousand times before...

I have a Japanese '57 Vintage Reissue from either '90 or '91 (sn = K 002779). The guitar has been scalloped when i had for a few months and the neck has started to cave in quite badly recently. :sad:

I need a replacement for the 1 piece, 21 fret maple neck it has now. I recently got a classic 50's MiM (which i sold shortly after) and tried to fit the neck on the MIJ but it wouldnt fit very well.

Can you guys please help me with 2 questions i have?

1. Will i be able to get a ''compatible'' neck from warmoth, i'm guessing the 21 to 22 fret conversion will not be much of a problem? (probably need to adjust some saddles right?)
2. Will swithcing from a 1 piece maple neck to a maple / rosewood neck have a lot of impact on the sound of the guitar? (the start has the 2 point fender trem with brushed saddles and a kinman K7 harnass)