My favorite one so far


This is my favorite partscaster projects so far. I put it together for a client a while back. Here are the specs:

Warmoth Black Limba Body with brown to clear burst
Warmoth Solid Rosewood Neck with black fret and side markers
Custom made (by me) Lacquered Fender Tweed Pickguard
Fender 57/62 Pickups with RWRP middle pup
WIlkinson VS100 Trem
Gotoh Tuners
Black Tusq Nut
CTS Pots
CRL Switch
Orange Drop .047 Cap
PureTone 1/4 Jack
Vintage Cloth Push Back Wire

I liked it so much that I'm putting one together for my upcoming 60th birthday!FB_IMG_1680006619673 (1).jpg
That guard is sweet. How'd you make it? A black tele with a tweed guard would be fun
Thanks! I glued the tweed to a black Strat pickguard that I scuffed up with 80 grit sandpaper to give the glue something to grab onto. Then, I glued the tweed fabric to the guard with Lexan Picture Glue. After it dried, I trimmed it all out to fit the guard and sprayed about 8 coats of nitro-cellulose lacquer on it. Your black Tele with a tweed guard idea is a great one!
Very nice! Not being an expert, how common/rare is a solid rosewood neck? I would assume that you won’t find it on the default Strat that you could buy :)
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