My Flame LP

Hey bro good looking axe!!!!  I like to see you starting the young ones out early.  I had my boy helping me run the sander on my last refinish, these projects are really ways to spend some quality father son time.  He looks like a natural!!!  Tell him I'll give him a job working in my shop installing tuners anytime!!!!  I hope you got him playing or is he like my boy and aspiring to be a 'guitar hero?'  I don't care if my son ever picks up an instrument, I just like having him in the shop with me when I am working, I can show him how to build and fix stuff rather than pay someone to do it for him.  Isaiah is so into helping me  Santa is bringing him his own palm sander tomorrow night!!!  He put it on his list (and then told me he didn't really believe in Santa, but he wanted to make a list anyway just to be safe)  My Grandfather and my Dad taught me everything I know about woodworking.  I wish my Grandfather was still alive to see my guitars he would have been so proud of my work.  I'm sure he is smiling down on me wherever he is.  His spirit is in everything I create.