My "Black Special" parts arrived this week!


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Yes Mam!

After a long wait, the body and the neck for my "Black Special" VW carved top arrived this monday!  :toothy12:

"VW Carved Top" style with hollow option and heel access
Black Korina with flamed maple top, top is dyed black with natural lipover binding, then finished completely transparent.

Warmoth Pro construction with custom Wolfgang contour
Wenge with Pao Ferro fretboard, unfinished

Thanx a lot you Warmoth-People, amazing quality of woods and manufacture!  :eek:ccasion14:

Pickups will be a Bareknuckle Pickups Nailbomb in the bridge, and a Harmonic Design Z-90 in the neck position.
Not yet decided on the type of control options, i am now making up my mind on this..
Also still deciding on how to mount the pickups..
Without mounting rings, with creme colored mounting rings, or black ones..
my oh my, those possibilities in building your custom guitar.. ;)



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is there a way to post multiple pics in one single post btw.?
doesn't seem to work for me..


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That looks beautiful shagga. I would definitely go for black rings for the pickups. It's much too pretty to leave anything 'un-finished'

Click Additional Options to post multiple pix. 3 more browse boxes open.........Now go on and show us the back!
oh well, i tried this option but the boardsoft always says that my "filesize is too large", when i try to attachmore than one picture..
well, it could be right, as all the pics are around 100k in filesize..

nonethless, here is (a rather shabby) picture of the back!


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The neck/headstock matches perfectly with the body dye - for a second it looked like a flame maple headstock veneer dyed black too. Great job with than (planned or not).
WarmothRules said:
1-5/8" nut width?

No, it has 1 11/16” nut width.

Thanks guys, i am very excited about how this beauty is going to sound!
Will record samples for sure!  :party07:

I was a little disappointed on the looks of the white pearl Z-90 together with this body, but the longer i look at it, the more i liiieeek!  :glasses9:
waiting for the black rings now to see how they make it all fit together..
Right on man.  That is a fine lookin V-dub! Carved top, gorgeous! Wenge/Pau Ferro neck with no dots, gorgeous!  Everything looks great.  I bet you are glad you decided to go with hollow option, that beast would be heavy otherwise.  Nice work! :hello2:
Now, that looks awesome.
It features a lot of specs that I´ve had in mind, different guitar though.
I just got a mail from Warmoth and they couldn´t do what I wanted, so it´s up in the air now.

What´s that bridge?
Reverse Headstock?  Even though i am currently waiting for two reverse headstocks for a couple builds for other people, I dont get it.

I know it's a personal thingl, When I finnish the builds and strap them on to try, those headstocks might drive me to drink ( short drive )
That's so funny, I was just thinking how I love the reverse Strat stock with that body!  I never would have thought of that, and it's awesome! :headbang:
hehe, i know i know..
it's either love or hate with them reversed headstocks..

i kinda love it, and as this should be my complete "dream custom guitar", i went for it and chose all the single parts i always loved in different guitars!

loved the MM eddie model for it's sexy smallish body and the perfect neck!
never played a better neck then this one..

up next is the look of a strat with reversed headstock, it's just oh so appealing to me.. lol
ever seen (dweezil's?) Zappacaster?  :headbang:
i have to admit i almost went for a reversed tele headstock though!
saw that on a tele from joe perry, and it rocks too!

and then i also like the curves of a beautiful les paul carved top, so it had to be the VW Carved Top!

oh well, off to work now, have a great day and lots of quantum view mails yall.. it's so nice..