My 1st 100% Warmoth Guitar - Mahogany/Flame Koa Tele!!!

That's a beautiful guitar, the koa top and color look great... congrats :eek:ccasion14:
I read on your other thread how you tested the EMG's on different positions, I'm wondering how the 85 bridge-60 neck sounds.
I'm newer on the boards here, but when I clicked this and those images popped up, I said wow, and then was speechless for a good 2 minutes. Seriously Beautiful.
:blob7:  Hi...Nice looking guitar...How is the tonal balance of the instrument ? Does the mahogany neck and body give it a dark tone or is there enough clarity and bite ? I love mahogany as a body wood for bolt on guitars....Just might have to try a neck as well  :)  Thanks...ajw
I missed this one.. Very nice indeed!

It reminds me of root beer barrel candies for some reason. That's a good thing! :icon_thumright: