MXR noise gate pedal


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Any body use the MXR noise gate pedal? I'm using a rocktron rackmount noise gate now in my rig but it only works well running my guitar into that first then into the input of my head. It does color my tone a bit. I've tried it threw the effects loop but it doesn't work to well like that, seems like it works perfect threw the effects when my gain is off, also threw the effects loop it doesn't color the tone much at all but, it's not tight enough of a gate like that. So anybody try the MXR pedal?
You mean the DUNLOP Mxr Smart Gate? I would look at another (ISP Decimator?) I have one, the construction is crap. I've sent it
to Dunlop twice and it crapped out again and now it's out of warranty so I'm out $90. The old, gray MXR Noise Gate Line Driver from the 70's is good though (not Dunlop).
Rocktron makes a stomp version of the rackmount Hush noise gate that is actually very reliable.  I'm not sure it's everything the rackmount is (I'm not into rack gear, sorry) but it works like a mammy-jammer for my purposes!
I bought that Rocktron Xpression rack system from Gregg; doesn't work real well for me through effects loop in my amps, but works great for direct recording rhythm stuff straight into board; will have to go find the stomp box version of the noise gate to check out.....
I have checked out a bunch of gate pedals online today and they all get at least a few really bad reviews does any body know of any good noise gate pedals. Like I said my rocktron rackmount is ok but it's a bit goofy pluggin my guitar into the back of my rack and the highend and gain of my tone becomes lacking with it gateing tight.
Well, I'm going to try one of the Rocktron Hush stomp boxes, will let you know how that works out....