MXR Dyna Comp vs. Super Comp


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Any opinions on the MXR Dyna Comp vs. the MXR Super Comp?  I plan on getting one for clean / semi dirty strat sounds, although they do not need to be super-stratty.  Does the attack knob make a big difference?  I want to keep my purchase under $80 or so.  I have Dimarzio Area 58 and 61 pickups, which are completely noiseless, if that makes a difference.  Thanks for your input!

- TS
I bought a super comp a couple years ago.  I'm not really crazy about it, it tends to distort when you turn any of the knobs past 12 o'clock and are trying to get a punchy clean tone.  It works ok for compressing distorted tones and actually makes a decent gain booster, but I wouldn't buy it again.

I have the super comp also, though I have to say that I like it for the same reason that taez555 doesn't.  It does not do the "classic" compressor tricks quite as well as the dyna comp, though and it sounds like for what you are going for, the old classic would be better!
I just started using a 70’s Script Logo Dyna Comp in front of my 59 Bassman this past month.  I bought it new in the 70’s and never used it because I was using mainly Mesa Boogies.  I was thinking about putting it on Ebay but thought I’d give it a test first on the Vintage Fenders that I have become addicted to.  Ouch!!!!! It will never leave my board. I would say a lot of how you will like it has to do with your amp. 

I use it for my clean dry tone on the Bassman and for the wet side I use a Super Reverb with a TS9.  The combo together is real nice.