MULLY Telecaster...This neck!! Oh my God, this neck!!!


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Ok, so we got the body in order, now it's time for a neck. My original idea was for an ebony fingerboard, but, I really wanted to try a roasted neck. One thing though, I did not want a Telecaster head. Sorry, Tele guys, not a fan of that headstock. But, I also thought that a Strat head look too big for a Tele, so, I went with the Warhead. Glad I did too, I love it. Anyway, as I was going through the Warhead necks in the Showcase something jumped out at me, a very white maple fingerboard with MOP dots. DONE!! I'm sold!! As I was looking around I also saw this really nice roasted flame maple neck that was a tad out of my price range. Not that I couldn't afford it, just that I really didn't want to spend close to 600 dollars on a neck when there are so many nice necks in there for half that price. But, remember, this is my 50th birthday gift, gotta make it gorgeous, classy. Anyway, I settled on the white maple with the MOP. When I placed my order, Spike tells me that they can't ship MOP out of the US. BUMMER!! Ok, let's go with that expensive roasted one then. Man, what a miracle that turned out to be. The pics on the site were nice, but, face to face....anyone of you that have ordered from Warmoth know exactly what I'm talking about, their pics NEVER do justice to the actual item....and their pics look great. If you've never ordered, trust me, you'll be blown away. Anyway, I ended up with the type of neck you see in an Ernie Ball Family Reserve catalog photo but never see in real life. My God, this thing is insane!!! I'm including the pics from the website for you to compare, and then at the bottom, a finished shot with the strings on in good light. Without further ado..







Ok, that's it for part 2. Next up, the build.
That is a beautiful neck! Like you, I'm not a fan of the Tele headstock design and think the Strat is too much, so the Warhead is my favorite. Add in the roasted Maple and the heavy figuring, and you've checked all the boxes on that one.
That combination (silver/white/roasted maple) is going to be absolutely stunning.  Future GOM material right there.
"This neck!! Oh my God, this neck!!!"
Couldn't have said it better, that's one beautiful piece of wood!  :icon_thumright:
stratamania said:
Curious about the upside down logo though?
Also curious.....
stratamania said:
Curious about the upside down logo though?

Just one of my quirks. My very first build, I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and I put the sticker on upside down. I was concentrating on getting it straight and didn't even notice that it wasn't the right way. Once I peeled it off and looked at it I was like "Oh shit! Look what I just did!" but, I got to thinking about it and I realized that leaving it like that, people will inevitably ask me about it. It's a conversation starter, and, to be honest, doesn't really look all that bad, so, I stuck with it and have done that one every build since. Ask the guys around here about the electrical tape over my volume pot hole....I'm quirky that way. haha!!
Very nice.  I am not a fan of Tele either.  I think the warhead looks great on a Tele.
mullyman said:
It's a conversation starter, and, to be honest, doesn't really look all that bad.....
Don't look bad at all from my house, just different!  :glasses9: