Mudwog Weap Tele got Cajones now!~


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No big deal I guess really... except that we got some output on the bridge pickup.  I went and got a Gibson BB#3, stuck it in my ES-333 that was a little harsh in the bridge, and took the BBPro #2 and put it in the Mudwog Weap Tele.

Dunno what I'll do with the Fat Bastard... Rio Grande is replacing it - the consensus is that one of its two magnets is in backwards.  This makes rather unfocused magnetic circuit.    Dave at Rio Grande was great on the phone... and, I should have a replacement in 'bout 10 days.

Is that bridge black or chrome? I can't tell from the lighting. Looks a bit strange on a tele, but it fits together well.
I went with black hardware, except the screws, switch ring, jack, pointers... and bridge pickup.
Hey -CB-, I have what might be a dumb question, but then that should not surprise you by now.  When you are finishing a thinline that has an  F-hole like that, how do you keep from spraying inside the F-hole?  It looks to me like you got the finish to lip over the edges of the F-hole, but didn't get any on the inside.  Did you stuff something in there? This has been on my mind since I intend to try to finish a thinline myself.  I even thought of just getting a hollow Tele with no F-hole just to avoid the "hole" thing, but I do love the look of it.  Anyway, I still love that Tele right there, and it sounds like getting the Fat Bastard back is going to turn into an excuse for something new...???
Clear coats, no problem, let it get in there.
Brushed or rubbed colors, be careful  I guess.
Same goes with grain fillers, dyes, etc etc.
Sprayed colors... I guess you can mask the bottom, there's enough room to get in and lay tape on the bottom. 
I guess you could stuff some wadded paper in there too. 
I didn't, and there is some finish in there, but its barely seen. 
Importantly, the proper label must be fashioned, and this must be shellac'd, then glued in place within the f/hole.
Thats something I've not done yet... but will this week.
I hand sanded the filled edges of the f/hole, and took pains to make sure the clear coat was sprayed on those edges.
However, no buffing was done on the edges - hence the lip over effect I guess.
Man i love that guitar. Everytime i see it i get weak at the knees.
Some playing later...

Mo'Cajones for sure.  The item remains - keep the goncalo neck on it, or... perhaps switch to maple.

Course if I did that, I'd have to get a body for the goncalo neck to reside on. <gggg>
-CB- said:
Some playing later...

Mo'Cajones for sure.   The item remains - keep the goncalo neck on it, or... perhaps switch to maple.

Course if I did that, I'd have to get a body for the goncalo neck to reside on. <gggg>

Are you not so keen on the goncalo then? Is it a tone issue or feel?

I must say I don't really move away from Maple, mainly a price thing but I've always had maple/maple necks on my fenders and I just love it, I never see the point in spending extra on something I might not like the feel of.
Very keen on goncalo!~

I like to switch things and experiment. 

The other guitar, with goncalo neck, also a thinline, with 52ri pickups in it... a VERY nice toned guitar.  This one, a bit fatter due to P90/BBPro#2 pickups.  I might see if maple enhances the tone, or not.  Just another ongoing science project.