Most common bushing/post sets for two-point bridges?


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I bought one of these bridges in preparation for the 7-string Warmoth I'll be building, with a non-locking whammy and locking Schaller tuners.
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It's got two inserts and the studs to go in them, I'm just wondering if it might be worthwhile for me to go with a name-brand, replaceable bushing/insert set in case I need to change out the screws sometime. Stew-Mac has these:
Studs and Bushings for Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo at Stewart-MacDonald
There seem to be sources for "original" and "licensed" Floyd Rose parts around. Are screw insert threads somewhat standardized? Do you ever even have to change out the screws? It would be sort of nice to be able to epoxy the bushings in permanently, fearlessly....