Miser Brothers

Body from Ultra Touch guitars on reverb. Neck Warmoth maple/maple 59" 6150 nickel, Warmoth pickguard, Fender Neck pickup(from parts bin sounds decent don't know model), Dimarzio Fast Track-T bridge, CTS pots 500k volume, 250k tone, sprauge .22 orange drop cap, plate reversed, 22awg vintage style push back cloth wire Wilkenson tuners, Diaddario elliptical strap buttons, and damn if I haven't had the time of my life building guitars with your help and advice. Thank you everyone for your selfless time! I am done for a while now. Peace.

Except, I am going to sand/redo" "Lil'Rick" the Velocity guitar insane green again. As that is what Rick wants. He told me that he considers himself a noble peacock with incomparably majestic plumage and the current Velocity finish is too pedestrian to have his moniker associated with it.
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